Our Process

About Our Process

We manage a refined end-to-end process that reduces negotiation time and minimizes strain on
internal resources, delivering demonstrable results straight to the C-suite and General Counsel.

You provide documents and data in any print or electronic format

KBB proactively advises of upcoming renewals, product fit within operations, industry best practices and negotiating approach

KBB shares peer best practices and works with vendors and your internal teams to facilitate implementation

KBB analysts abstract and score
commercial and legal terms and enter into the KBB Analytics platform

KBB manages the negotiation process with suppliers, allowing your teams to choose to
attend meetings or focus on other matters

You access the latest terms and savings dashboards in KBB Analytics on your computer or tablet

Reports and Metrics

Focus on strategy and decision-making, rather than organizing paperwork and data.
KBB provides access to key data about your sourcing contracts, spend, and savings.

Hosted contract database

  • Searchable access to your contracts and detailed abstracts
  • Updated as new contracts are submitted
  • Tracking of key contract dates and deadlines

Benchmarking & Reports

  • Summaries of observations, benchmarks, and best practices
  • Anonymized comparables, rankings, and pricing moves
  • Analytics and visualizations of spend and industry metrics